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October, 2007


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| editorial |
Authentic Islam & Terrorism
Seshagiri Rao

| creative encounters |
A Path to Conflict Transformation
Joseph A. Camilleri

The Three Poisons
Andrew Wicking

The Power of Ahimsa (Nonviolence)
Gandhi's gift to a violent world
Ruwan Palapathwala

Let Them Worship How, Where, Or What They May? a Latter-day Saint view of religious freedom
Fred E. Woods

Interreligious Dialogue as a Way of Establishing a Peaceful World Order a Muslim perspective
Mehmet Okuyan

| reflections |
MReflections on Buddhism and Modern Physics
Reality in Nagarjuna and Quantum Physics
Christian Thomas Kohl

Concealment and Disclosure
physics, the Tao and Buddhist totality
Jim Kenney

| sacred spaces |
Hagia Sophia basilica, mosque, museum
Cetta Kenney

| voices of youth |
Arriving as Strangers, Leaving as Friends
Danish dialogue in Leicester, UK
Anette Rørmose Andersen, Halil Öztoprak,
Louise Bjerg Pedersen

| practically speaking |
Globalization & Glocalization leveraging technological tools to serve the common good
Christopher A. Kosovich

| focus on the interreligious movement |
An Interfaith Perspective on Globalisation for the Common Good the sixth annual international conference
Istanbul • July 2007 • Fatih University
The Istanbul Declaration

Peace on the Agenda the challenge of two gatherings
Hal French

Gold Medallion Award

| in review |
Review Article: Akbar Ahmed's Journey Into Islam
the crisis of globalization
Alan Race


On the Web

| poetry |
It Is What It Is Erich Fried
(Translated by Paul Oestreicher)

Jalalud’din Rumi

| prayers and meditation |
Ojibway Prayer


Meditation Practice
Georgene L. Wilson

| patrons and editorial board members |


The only city in the world where two continents meet, Istanbul, Turkey was established by the Roman Emperor Constantine as Constantinapolis, his "second Rome" in the east of the Empire. The skyline photo shows the famous architectural gems – the Blue Mosque to the right and Hagia Sophia to the left.

Istanbul was the site of the 6th international conference of Globalisation for the Common Good, held July 5-9 at beautiful Fatih University. The initiative began in 2002 with a conference at Oxford University. After six years and with six global conferences, books and many articles, as well as its own web site to its credit, the movement has become known and respected around the world. Headed by Dr. Kamran Mofid of Coventry, UK, GCG has developed a successful track record, bringing together a diverse collection of scholars, researchers, NGO leaders, policymakers, young people, religious and spiritual leaders from around the world for intense discussions on a spiritual and value-centred vision of globalisation and the common good.

This issue of Insight features four papers presented at the Istanbul Conference, three in the "Creative Encounters" section and one in "Practically Speaking". In addition, the "Focus on the Interreligious Movement" section includes the excellent Istanbul Declaration, approved by conference attendees at the closing session. The next conference will be held June 30-July 4 in Melbourne, Australia. See the inside front cover for details.

The cover photo of the skyline of Istanbul, Turkey is by Cetta Kenney, Photo Editor of Interreligious Insight.

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