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October, 2003


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| editorial |
Alan Race
No Choice Between Common Ground and Differences

| creative encounters |

Paul F. Knitter
One Mysticism • Many Voices

Abdul Rashied Omar
Opportunities & Challenges for Islamic Peacebuilding after September 11
K. L. Seshagiri Rao
Hindu-Christian Dialogue, A Hindu Perspective
A. Pushparajan
Interreligious Relations, a Christian Learning Curve
Dharam Singh
Guru Granth Sahib and Interfaith Dialogue
Charles Michael Burack
Six Senses of ?Interfaith Spirituality?
Keki R. Bhote and Pallan R. Ichaporia
A Zoroastrian Perspective on Good & Evil | p 55
Alan Race
A Spirituality for Ecological Awareness, Beyond Apocalypticism and Romanticism | p 59
Abduljalil Sajid
Theological Foundations of Religious Pluralism, a Muslim Perspective (Excerpts) |

| sacred spaces |
Justine Allain-Chapman
From the Foot of the Cross to the Feet of the Buddha

| voices of youth |
Jeff Clinger
Following Jesus, An Interfaith Journey?
Rozina Konchwala
Authentically Muslim

| practically speaking |
Rosan Yoshida
Actual Awakening, A Buddhist perspective on action for peace

| focus on the interreligious movement |
William E. Lesher
Spotlight on “Intra-religious”

| in review |
John P. Keenan,
Review Article: by James W. Heisig |
Book Reviews
Web Review

| poetry |
A Still Cup
Hellen A. Quade
Honey of Heaven
Penelope Flint
Wales, Morning
Sr. Kornelia Silalahi, FCJM
Indahnya Alam, Nature’s Beauty

| prayers and meditation |
Traditional Zarathushti Prayer

| patrons and editorial board members |

Interreligious Engagement
monoprint by Lonnie Hanzon

The artist carefully cuts hundreds of images and symbols from treated silk. Drenched in inks of many colors, the pieces are arranged on a plexiglass plate and overlaid with 100% cotton paper well-soaked in water. Now the "whole wet mess" is covered with blankets and placed in a press under huge pressure. Oil from the inks mixes with the water and impregnates the paper.

The result is a monoprint. It may be unremarkable or it may have extraordinary beauty, but it will be a non-repeatable, one-of-a-kind image…a unique event.

Often, the process is repeated with the same paper canvas, producing surprising and complex patterns of extraordinary depth, replete with a multiplicity of images.

Somehow, this unusual artistic technique offers a suggestive metaphor for the symbolrich, fluid, occasionally high-pressure and unpredictable world of interreligious encounter, exchange, and engagement. When the process really works, the result is not a monoprint but a moment of stunning depth, compelling intercultural complexity, powerful symbolic interplay and, perhaps, transformative insight. (Eds.)

Lonnie Hanzon is a renowned American artist and designer who works in a wide variety of media and materials. He is committed to interreligious and intercultural understanding. This piece was created as part of a series of illuminations inspired by the document, Towards a Global Ethic (Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago, 1993).

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