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June 2015

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| editorial |
The Generations of Human Rights– from Magna Carta to Laudato ‘si
Jim Kenney

| creative encounters |
Did Rabbi Heschel Influence Pope Francis?
Harold Kasimow and John Merkle

Leading Patterns in Everyday Japanese Religion
Michael Pye

Masnavi writ small: Rumi’s Epistle of the Reed – a new rhyming translation
Mahmoud Sadri

Cultural Intelligence the key to right relationships
John Rex

The Value of Values to Build a World for the Common Good
Kamran Mofid

Rumi visionary, lover, saint, mystic
Raficq Abdulla

| from the archives |
What is Atonement?
Paul Knitter

| sacred spaces |
Evocative Transcendence Chichester Cathedral
Alan Race

| reflections |
My Understanding of the Biblical God a brief ‘interreligious’ reflection
Richard Oxenberg

Defining God: a Vedic Interpretation
Gauri Shankar Gupta

| voices of youth |
Covenant and Zionism
Andrew Seligson

| practically speaking |
Women’s Work
Barbara Beach

| focus on the interreligious movement |
Religious Freedom and Spiritual Freedom
George Kimmich Beach

| in review |

| poetry |
SDawn Flowers

Sound of Evening

| prayers and meditation |
Annie Dillard

Yom Kippur prayer

Bare Boughs
Jalal al-Din Rumi

Infinity From the Bhagavad Gita

Chichester Cathedral, Sussex, UK

The first cathedral in Sussex was not at Chichester but ten miles away near Selsey. Church Norton is almost certainly the site of the monastery built by St Wilfrid in 681. Following the Norman Conquest in 1066, cathedrals located in out-of-the way places were transferred to greater centres of population, and so in 1075, the See of Chichester was established and the bishopric was moved. In 1076 Stigand, the first Norman bishop, began to build a new cathedral on the site of the Saxon church of St Peter. The Cathedral was completed by Bishop Ralph Luffa, who consecrated it in 1108.

Richard of Wych, bishop of Chichester from 1245 - 1253, was canonized in 1262. The ceremony took place on 16 June 1276, in the presence of King Edward I. From that day until the shrine was destroyed in 1538, the Shrine of St Richard attracted pilgrims from all over England and beyond.

The Cathedral is unique in its collection
of 20th-century paintings, sculpture and glass. These include a window by Marc Chagall, a tapestry by John Piper and a painting by Graham Sutherland. However the art in the Cathedral also contains some wonderful early objects including the 12th-century Lazarus Reliefs and the Lambert Barnard paintings. One of the delights of the building is the successful fusion of the ancient and the modern.

(Text, courtesy of Chichester Cathedral. Be sure to see Alan Race’s article on the Cathedral in the
“Sacred Spaces” section in this issue.)

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