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| editorial |
Insight moves on
Jim Kenney, Alan Race, Seshagiri Rao

| in memoriam |
IJohn Hick (1922-2012) a tribute
Alan Race

| creative encounters |
Is Mystical Experience Beneficial to Interreligious Relations?
John Barnett

Weapons Without Boundaries
a spiritual-humanist response to terrorism
Musa Askari

Edith Stein and Catholic-Jewish Relations
Edward Jarosz

Culture and Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Moluccas–Indonesia
Izak Lattu

| sacred places |
images and special moments
Cetta Kenney

| practically speaking |
A Charter for Engaged Spirituality in the 21st Century
Awakened World 2012 Conference

| focus on the interreligious movement |
Awakened World 2012
engaged spirituality for the 21st century October 13-21
Barbara Fields and Jim Kenney

| from the archives |
Religions of the World:
Teilhard and the second axial turning
Ewert Cousins

| poetry |
If I Did Not Know Your Name

| prayers and meditation |
Know Before Whom You Stand
Norman Hirsch

Prayer of Teilhard
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Campidoglio – The Capitoline Hill, Rome

Rome was founded on seven hills. One, the Capitoline, today is a central landmark, dominated by Michelangelo’s Piazza Campidoglio. The word is a cognate of “Capitoline” and celebrates the “capitol” status of this Roman landmark. Home of the Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Jupiter.

The Capitoline is the smallest of Rome’s seven hills. It adjoins the Roman Forum, and was a place celebrated in antiquity, in the medieval period, and today, as a center of archaeological interest and touristic fascination.

The “Awakened World 2012” conference, which touches so many pages of this issue of Insight, will hold its first Press Conference on the Piazza Campidoglio. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate venue for a global conversation about the evolution of religion and spirituality.

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