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July 2010


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| editorial |
Gandhi’s Search for Truth and Religious Dialogue
K.L. Seshagiri Rao

| creative encounters |
Non-Attachment and its Energies in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition
Elizabeth J. Harris

Why Not Laugh with the Rose?
the spirituality of laughter in the poetry of Jalal al-din Rumi
A. Christian van Gorder

9/11 and Choices for Dialogue
Alan Race

| the insight interview |
Michael Henderson

| reflections |
Faith as a Resource for Living
Raficq Abdulla

| practically speaking |
Adventures in Creation Spirituality
Charles Burack

| focus on the interreligious movement |
Metacivics citizen visionaries in compassionate service
Barbara Fields

| poetry |
Springbrook Prarie Summer Night
Jane Cook Barnes

The Wild
Gerard Manley Hopkins

| prayers and meditation |
The Water
Thich Nhat Hanh

Kappadokia, Turkey
The astonishing volcanic terrain of the Kappadokia region in central Turkey has long been viewed as a center for early Christian monasticism. (Christian sources generally employ the spelling, “Cappadocia”.) The unique landscape – with its starkly weathercarved
hills, towers, grottoes, and caves – became home to countless rock-carved structures, including many believed to have been churches, monasteries, and hermitages.

Today, Kappadokia’s monastic past has become a bit controversial, with new archaeological explorations that question whether churches and monasteries were as common as previously believed. Might many of the stunning spaces have been dwellings instead, even elite residences with their own Christian chapels? The jury is still out, but the Kappadokian region remains one of Turkey’s most alluring scenic treasures and beguiling historical puzzles.

The cover photo for this issue was taken by Co-Editor Jim Kenney on travels in central Anatolia following the 2007 Conference on Globalization for the Common Good.

Conferees also visited Konya, burial place of the great 13th-century Sufi sage Jalal al-din Rumi.

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