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July, 2007


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| editorial |
Identity & Blindness
Jim Kenney

| creative encounters |
Loving Israel & Loving Palestine
is it possible?

Paul Oestreicher

Overcoming the Fear of Mixing Faiths
Charles Burack

Rumi and the Buddha correlative ideas on spiritual
Rasoul Sorkhabi

Awareness and Equanimity ten spiritual away-days
Stephen Barton

Interfaith Dialogue beyond the big three
Paula Drewek

The Co-existence of Violence and Non-Violence
in Judaism
Deborah Weissman

| reflections |
Muslim Spirituality Through Music
Raficq Abdulla

| sacred spaces |
A Scroll Returns
Jackie Tabick

| voices of youth |
To Israel and Back
Amanullah De Sondy

| practically speaking |
Focus on Religious Architecture bridging the gaps
in Chicago

Rachel Combs

| in review |
Review Article: Letter to a Christian Nation
by Sam Harris
B. Alan Wallace

| poetry |
Walking on Water
Mary Balkon

| prayers and meditation |
Let Nothing Upset You
St. Teresa of Avila

The Atharva Veda from Earth Prayers: From Around the World,
edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon

| patrons and editorial board members |


Located in the beautiful Valley of the Temples on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, this spectacular complex is a replica of the 900-year-old Byodo-in Temple located near Kyoto, Japan. The original temple was a major center of Pure Land Buddhism, a school of the Mahayana tradition that emphasizes the role of the
bodhisattva, the being who works not only for her or his enlightenment but for that of all sentient beings.

Set against a breathtaking mountain backdrop, the Hawaiian Byodo-in was built in 1968. Inside is a 9-foot gilded and lacquered wooden statue of Amida Buddha, the central figure of the Pure Land school. Trust in Amida centered on the belief that at the moment of death, he would transport the faithful person to the “Western Paradise”, a blissful Buddhist Heaven, where the journey to enlightenment would be completed without further suffering. This Buddha image is said to be the largest carved in over 900 years.

The temple grounds include a Meditation House and a 5-foot, 3-ton brass Peace Bell. The landscaping includes traditional Japanese gardens and a 2-acre koi pond.

The photo of the Byodo-in temple is by
Cetta Kenney.

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