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July, 2006


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| editorial |
Freedom of Religion in Muslim Countries
Iqbal Ansari

| creative encounters |
Inside the Madrasas
William Dalrymple

Christians and Religious Plurality dialogue at the ninth assembly of the World Council of Churches
Kusumita Pedersen

The Mystics’ Contribution to the Interreligious Movement
Marcus Braybrooke

Jesus Through Sikh Eyes
Nikky Singh

The Bombu Paradigm pureland Buddhism's contribution to interfaith understanding
David Brazier

Defining Religion a religious orientation typology
Paul Hedges

| reflections on migration |
A Christian Insight
Gonzalo Ituarte

A Baha'i Insight
Khazeh Fananapazir

A Muslim Insight
Hafsa Ahsan

| sacred spaces |
On Sacred Space
Herbert Bronstein

| voices of youth |
Education, Contradictions & Peace
Kara Rodecker

| in review |
Review Article: When Religion Becomes Evil by Charles Kimball; Terror in the Name of God by Jessica Stern; Violence in God's Name by Oliver McTernan; In the Name of Identity by Amin Maalouf; Axis of Peace by Wesley Ariarajah
Jim Kenney



Briefly Noted

| poetry |
The 'A' Train to JFK
Olya Kenney

Every Point is a Center
Jane Cook Barnes

| prayers and meditation |
Here, Now, Always
Peggy Gorman

Goodness of Water

The Best

| patrons and editorial board members |

A Romanesque Church in Aventicum

In the region of Lake Geneva, in the Swiss Canton of Vaux, the traveler can find the lovely city of Avenches, with its long and colourful past and splendid architectural heritage. Also all known by its ancient name, Aventicum, the city was once the capital of Roman Helvetia. The medieval town, built on a hill to the southeast of the older Roman settlement, offers the visitor numerous historical and cultural sites.

Just above Aventicum lies the village of Donatyre. Its Romanesque church (l'église romane de Donatyre) was constructed with stones taken from the Roman town wall. It has a lovely horseshoe shaped apse and an unusual construction featuring a “rampant arch” (one side’s support is higher than the other).

But the real surprise awaiting the occasional visitor to this little church is the mural featuring Jesus, framed by Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark the writers of the four New Testament gospels (in their usual symbolic representations). Below are the beautifully rendered figures of the twelve apostles.

The cover photo, by Cetta Kenney, captures that lovely mural.

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