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July, 2005


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| editorial |
Africa, Globalization, and the Common Good

| creative encounters |
Speaking Silence poetry, mysticism and meditation
Charles Burack
A Buddhist-Christian Dialogue on Suffering
Jack Austin and Andrew Linzey
Defining Without Confining reflections on a prophetic usage of sacred space
Reza Shah-Kazemi
The Influence of Pope John Paul II's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land on Jewish-Christian Relations Harold Kasimow
The Prohibition of Idolatry and the Rejection of Empire
Micah (Eun-Kyu) Kim
The Preferential Option for the Poor learning for interreligious action in plural societies
Markus Glatz-Schmallegger

| reflections |
Wisdom from Spain, India and Africa
Gilbert Friend-Jones
Vidyavachaspati Amarnath Shukla
Alan Race

| sacred spaces |
The Holy City of Qom
Courtesy of Religious News, Tehran, Iran Bagher Talebi Darabi

| voices of youth |
Peace Within reconciliation among Somali Bantu women in Dallas
Rebecca Napier-Moore

| practically speaking |
The Chiang Mai Declaration Religion and Women: and Agenda for Change
Peace Council & Center for Health and Social Policy

| focus on the interreligious movement |
International Interfaith Organizations Meet at Oxford
F. Peter Brinkman

| in review |
Review Article I: John P. Keenan’s The Wisdom of James: Parallels with Mahayana Buddhism
Kenneth P. Kramer

Review Article II: J. William Frost’s A history of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim Perspectives on War and Peace
Marcus Braybrooke

| poetry |
The Still Point
Madeleine Sophie Cooney, RSCJ
Awakening (The Buddha sees the Pure Land)
Raficq Abdulla

| prayers and meditation |
May We Honor Thy Name
Sacha Alafia Laughing Water
Until We Listen
Sacha Alafia Laughing Water
Prayer for Surprises
Alan Race

| patrons and editorial board members |


The photo on the cover of this issue is a beautiful window detail from the Dome of the Rock, the oldest existing Muslim building that still retains its essential original structure and form. Completed by the Caliph Abd al-Malik in 691 CE, the building was repaired by the Abassid Caliph al-Mamun (812-33). Its octagonal structure supports the beautiful dome with a network of columns and pillars. The interior surfaces are adorned with floral motifs. Gilded on the exterior surface, the dome is covered inside with colorful stucco. In the center of the building reposes a gigantic rock. Muslim tradition holds that the Prophet Muhammad rose to heaven on the back of the great steed Buraq, after his miraculous night journey (mi’raj) from Mecca to Jerusalem. In Jewish tradition, the rock is none other than the legendary Foundation Stone, the symbolic support of the world. The tradition also takes this as the place of the Binding of Isaac. Upon his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, the Muslim Caliph Omar is said to have cleared away the rubble that had hidden the rock during the period of Byzantine rule.

The cover photo was taken by Insight’s Photo Editor, Cetta Kenney.

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