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January 2010


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| editorial |
The Earth from Space

Humans and the Climate
Jim Kenney

| creative encounters |
Reclaiming Our Commons
the G6 billion and the great tree of peace
James Bernard Quilligan

Praying Dialogically practicing Martin Buber’s secret
Kenneth Paul Kramer

Clarity and Hope in a time of sea change
Jim Kenney

Holism and Integrated Human Life
S. R. Bhatt

Some Thoughts on Interfaith Dialogue
Asghar Ali Engineer

| sacred spaces |
Exploring Richmond, British Columbia
the Highway to Heaven
Habeeb Salloum

| reflections |
Reflections on Climate Change
Rod Duncan, Alan Race, Herbert Bronstein, Sachin Nandha, and Gursharan Thandi

| voices of youth |
starting a movement
Michael Tweed

| focus on the interreligious movement |
The Parliament of the World’s Religions 2009
Kusumita Pedersen

A World of Difference
Notes from the World Congress of Faiths
Marcus Braybrooke

| in review |
Open Book: And Then What?
Ron Miller


| poetry |
Kissed by Three Women and the Blue Mosque
Mary Ann Konarzewski

| prayers and meditation |
Mother Earth, Father Sky
Tewa Pueblo Prayer

The Earth from Space
Launched on October 18, 1989 by the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the unmanned Galileo spacecraft was on its way to Jupiter. Arriving at its destination in 1995, Galileo would spend eight years in the Jovian system before being directed to hurtle into the planetary atmosphere in a spectacular conclusion to its mission. In order to gain velocity and shorten the duration of its voyage to Jupiter, the spacecraft made two passes of its home planet. The photos and video clips that were taken during those “flybys” are some of the finest images we have of the splendid “blue marble” that is the Earth seen from space.

This issue’s Editorial and its “Reflections” section both address the critical issue of anthropogenic climate change and call for interreligious and intercultural action to change the way we humans “breathe out”. Reflecting on the Galileo images is an apt meditation for those who understand the nature of the challenges now facing our planetary community.

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