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January, 2007


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| editorial |
World Religions and Human Values
Seshagiri Rao

| creative encounters |
Universality of Moral Norms a human rights perspective
Kusumita P. Pedersen

Embracing the Many Names of the One
a multifaith journey to wholeness
Charles Burack

Why We Need a Haggadah for Jews and Christians
Michael Hilton

The Role of the Heart in Ibn Al-'Arabi's Doctrine
Ayesha L. Saeed

African Initiated Churches and the Use of
Water in Zimbabwe
Munetsi Ruzivo

Water in Hindu Religion
Uma Mysorekar

| reflections on the path |
A Hindu Insight a layperson's interpretation of
Hinduism in the 21st century

S.G. Vombatkere
A Theosophical Insight a layperson's interpretation
for the 21st century

John Algeo

| sacred spaces |
Following the Trail of Biblical Lore in Jordan
Habeeb Salloum

| voices of youth |
Morning in Istanbul
Lora East

| practically speaking |
Journey to Kenya a measure of faith
Todd Lorentz

| in review |

| poetry |
Looking for Teresa Avila September 2006
Maxine Linnell

Indian Tapestry
Julia Esquivel

| prayers and meditation |
Eihei Dogen

| patrons and editorial board members |


"Llandudno beach is just south of Cape Town, SA. I took this photograph on a rock outcropping just north of the beach in 1999, a few days before attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Having recently arrived in South Africa, I was feeling a bit displaced. Fortunately, I ran into my friend Pieter, a South African native, with whom I had worked on several interfaith events back home in Colorado. He took me on a tour of the Cape Peninsula, and the beautiful gift of nature helped to ground my energy and prepare me for the amazing gathering of spirit seekers that lay ahead. This photo has come to symbolize the experience of the Parliament for me; full of excitement in the presence of the power of greatness, the potential of something wondrous and possibly overwhelming, yet greatly stimulating and deeply enriching." — Steve Rohrbach

Steve Rohrbach was the official photographer of the 1999 Parliament of the World's Religions in Cape Town. He works with Common Spirit, promoting inspiring interfaith and intergenerational gatherings. Visit their web site at www.commonspirit.org.

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