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December 2012

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| editorial |
Valuing Change
Alan Race

| creative encounters |
Sikh Healing in India
Charles Burack

Researching Religious Experience from a Comparative Perspective
the Alister Hardy global project
Paul Badham

Down With Power
toward a new ethic for the Global Commons
James Quilligan

To Build a Civilization of Love
Pope Benedict XVI on Islam in a Global Age
Harold Kasimow

A Response to Harold Kasimow on Benedict
a bit too benevolent?
Paul Knitter

Franz Liszt’ Via Crucis
“the little work I have been thinking about for a long time”
Alessandra Pompili

| sacred spaces |
A Jig-saw of the Sacred
Alan Race

| voices of youth |
Hope for the Rising Generation
Sonya Brown

| practically speaking |
Organ Donation an interfaith study
Mary Braybrooke

| focus on the interreligious movement |
Awakened World 2012
A special report on a unique interreligious undertaking
Barbara Fields and Jim Kenney

Promised Land Revisited
seven steps to a sustainable transformation to the Common Good
Kamran Mofid

Spiritually Mature Collaboration
Kathy Hearn

Looking Back on the Awakened World 2012 Conference
Joe Elder

Reflections on my Experiencesat Awakened World 2012
Georgene L. Wilson

| in review |
Review Open Exchange a review and response
Charles Pickstone:

Thriving in the Crosscurrent
clarity and hope in a time of cultural sea change
Jim Kenney

Open Book Religion and society in Sri Lanka today
David H. Clark

Faithing the Native Soil
dilemmas and aspirations of post-colonial Buddhists and Christians in Sri Lanka
Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi

| poetry |
This is what you shall do
Walt Whitman

Raficq Abdulla

It is Finished
Patricia M. Bombard

This World Is Not Conclusion
Emily Dickinson

| prayers and meditation |
Bare Boughs
Jalal al-Din Rumi

Year’s End

St. Margaret's Church, Lee (London)

The striking interior design of St. Margaret’s Church, Lee, in south London, is a wonderful example of high Victorian opulence, with marouflage* paintings of the life of Christ along the walls, evocatively curved vaulted ceilings and splendid decorative wrought iron work. The spirituality, which shaped it stems from England’s Catholic-minded Oxford Movement (1833-45), and which recovered an emphasis on the beauty of God, harmony between human aspiration and divine invitation, and orderliness in liturgy. When the church was opened in 1841 it was plain in basic design and protestant in character. During the last quarter of the nineteenth century it was utterly transformed into a sacred space, which takes every visitor’s breath away. At the base of the arch in the wrought iron screen separating the nave from the chancel there is the Latin inscription Majestras domini per viam portae. The majesty of God by way of this portal.

More is said about the whole context of this church interior as a sacred space in our Sacred Space section. For more information on this remarkable church interior, including its restoration between 1980 and 2000, see www.stmargaretslee.org.uk

* Marouflage is a French technique which involves mounting a painted canvas on a light wooden frame and backing with a compound of zinc and lead.

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