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April 2009


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| editorial |
Anything you want to ask
Alan Race

| creative encounters |
Abraham Joshua Heschel introducing a messenger of hope
Harold Kasimow and Daveen H. Litwin |

Heschel poet and prophet for all creation
Benjamin Webb

Heeding the Call a Muslim perspective on Heschel
Katie Chowdhury

What is Expected of Us? Heschel’s voicein the 21st century
Daveen Litwin

Distinct Interfaith Visionaries in Thought, Word and Deed
Eboo Patel and Becca Hartman

Prophetic Voices Abraham Joshua Heschel’s friendship with Martin Luther King, Jr.
Harold Kasimow|

| sacred spaces |
Philosopher’s Walk a sacred stroll in old Kyoto
Cetta Kenney

| reflections |
Reclaiming Jesus an ecumenical Jewish perspective
Charles Burack

| voices of youth |
Globalization for the Common Good Called to Action, Fed by Faith
Whittney Barth, Jess Kent, Hafsa Arain,
Corey Cook and Cassie Meyer (Ed.)

| in review |
All About Love
Ron Miller

| poetry |
Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances
Walt Whitman

The Sun Never Says

| prayers and meditation |
Now is the time
Mzwakhe Mbuli


| patrons and editorial board members |

Meet Our Artists
Interreligious Insight has been blessed with the contributions of many fine artists and photographers, whose work regularly graces our pages. Their inspiring images help to tell the stories and illustrate the concepts set out by our writers. From time to time, we’ll use this space to introduce these creative individuals.

Lonnie Hanzon
Artist, inventor, philosopher and showman, Colorado artist Lonnie Hanzon has gained national renown for his over-the-top, incredibly detailed works of art. Comfortable with any material, from sugar to steel to sequins, Hanzon is a design daredevil with a true DaVinci spirit: multi-disciplined, cross-trained, and absolutely fearless. A member of the Interreligious Insight Editorial Board, Lonnie has been a faithful partner from the very beginning. Examples of his creative genius can be found in every issue and have been featured on several covers.

Visit his web site at http://www.lonniehanzon.com.

Liz Gill Nielson
The cover art for this issue is Liz Gill Nielson’s enchanting “Lotus Mountain”. Her work has been featured in many issues of the journal. Liz is a painter, printmaker, and designer. In her recent work in painting and multimedia collaboration with musicians and storytellers, she strives to create a mythology of form that reveals the web of connection between humans and the natural world. Liz received her B.A. in visual arts from Columbia University in 2002 and shows her work in New York, Virginia, Oregon, and the Boston area. She and her husband, composer Duncan Neilson, live in Portland, OR.

Visit her at http://www.lizgillnielson.com

Cover: Lotus Mountain; original art, Liz Gill Nielson

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