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April, 2006


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| remembrance |
Wayne Teasdale Interreligious pioneer (1945 - 2004)

| editorial |
Crossing Boundaries

| honors |
Address on recieving an Honorary Doctorate
Alan Race

| Special Celebratory Section |
Spirituality as a Primary Resource in Promoting Peace, an essay by Wayne Teasdale | forward in
memoriam by Harold Kasimow
Wayne Teasdale

| creative encounters |
Responding to Today's World, the relevance of the
Gandhian ethic
Rajmohan Ghandi

Wrestling with Prayer, a multi-faith journey
Charles Burack

From Competition and Conversion to Co-operation and Conversation, dynamics of Christian-Muslim engagement the relevance of the Gandhian ethic Douglas Pratt

Creative Love and Nature, Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi interreligious pioneer (1945-2004)
Ibrahim Özdemir

| reflections |
On the Cartoons Fiasco
Ahmad Sadri

| sacred spaces |
Azulejos, a Moorish contribution to the beautification of Portugal
Habeeb Salloum

| voices of youth |
A Blessing in Disguise
Aisha Qidwae

| practically speaking |
From Common Ground to Hospitality, lessons from Silicon Valley's religious landscape
Philip Boo Riley

| focus on the interreligious movement |
Education and the Path of Abraham, an invitation to local participation around the world
Babara Fields

| in review |
Review Article: Faith at War by Yaroslav Trofimov; The One-State Solution by Virginia Tilley; No god but God by Reza Aslan
Khalil Marrar


Briefly Noted

| poetry |
Dance Beneath the Modern Sun
Patrick W. Wallace

| prayers and meditation |
Gerard Manley Hopkins

The Life of all that Lives
From the Bhagavad Gita (1st-2nd century, India)

| patrons and editorial board members |


The cover photo for the April 2006 issue of Interreligious Insight was taken by Cetta Kenney at Jerusalem’s Citadel, the Tower of David. The occasion was the exhibition in 2000 of glass sculpture by the extraordinary Dale Chihuly. Entitled “Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000”, the installation took splendid advantage of the spectacular courtyard setting at the Tower.

From the time of his experience at Kibbutz Lehav in 1962-63 to the long work on the installation, Chihuly’s relationship with Israel and Jerusalem was developing. In the end, the artist wanted to enhance the experience of visitors to a holy place.

Many people have asked me what was I thinking and why — how did I go about creating the pieces — do they have a meaning? I guess the answer is that I think from my gut more than my head. I walked around the Citadel many times, trying to get a feeling for the architecture — understanding the space or the “room” that developed over the centuries. The colour of the stone, the ground, the sky. What felt right for the space? How many pieces? What colour and what form? I knew that Jews, Moslems, Christians and tourists from around the world would visit — as many as a million people would now see the Citadel in an altered way.

Our cover photo, by Cetta Kenney, captures just a bit of what Chihuly accomplished at the Citadel.

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